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Air-to-water heat pumps offer more comfort for half the cost of gas

We’re always getting great feedback from our customers about the savings they make from switching to heat pumps. Here’s what happy customer Anne Hartigan had to say after converting her home heating:

“We opted for a Nibe Air-to-Water heat pump when extending; the house is now around 1/3 bigger than before with a large glazed kitchen room, incredibly we are spending around half of what we used to spend on natural gas. We very pleased with that! Thank you!”, Anne Hartigan, Dublin 18

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Save thousands on your home heating

Air to Water Heat PumpInstalling a heat pump is paying for itself quicker than ever before with the oil now at €1060 per 1000 Litres (S.E.A.I. April 2013 Domestic Fuel Cost Comparison Sheets).

For instance a 2,500 to 3,000 Sq. Ft detached family home using 30.000 kW Hrs of energy will see their annual oil cost €3, 780 (burnt at 80% efficiency), the same heat from a heat pump costs around €1200. With those kinds of savings in larger houses, the cost to change from oil to a heat pump is very quickly recouped….in fact when financed, the repayments + new running costs are usually less than the original operating costs.

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