Save thousands on your home heating

Air to Water Heat PumpInstalling a heat pump is paying for itself quicker than ever before with the oil now at €1060 per 1000 Litres (S.E.A.I. April 2013 Domestic Fuel Cost Comparison Sheets).

For instance a 2,500 to 3,000 Sq. Ft detached family home using 30.000 kW Hrs of energy will see their annual oil cost €3, 780 (burnt at 80% efficiency), the same heat from a heat pump costs around €1200. With those kinds of savings in larger houses, the cost to change from oil to a heat pump is very quickly recouped….in fact when financed, the repayments + new running costs are usually less than the original operating costs.

Click here to see more information on installing a heat pump in your home.

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